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Tom is originally from Belguim but left 22 years ago to travel the world.  He speaks 6 languages and has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, London, England, and Mexico City.  He worked as a financial advisor and loves to play the didgeridoo. If you can’t find him at the Hostel, he is probably surfing.




Mateo is from Mexico City and was adopted by Tom and when he was 2 months old. He has traveled to many Mexican beaches including the Yucatan, Oaxaca and Guererro. He likes to surf the waves, swim the shore break and roam the beach chasing sand crabs. 

When you can’t find him, he is probably relaxing on the grounds or went for a stroll on the beach.


The secret words to control him are “Ciao Mateo” or “Camina”!  He has been to obedience school and is well-trained, plus very user-friendly if you’re in need of a fur fix!


Fernanda whelps us to keep the hostel clean and comfortable. Your bed will be made when you come back for the beach. If you are happy with your room, you can help her with leaving a small tip.   


Don Miguel has recently joined our team as our maintenance “guru”.  He worked growing and harvesting Mexico’s wonderful mangoes for years.  He knows all the local plants and their healing properties. There isn’t anything he can’t fix.  He makes sure that Hostel is well-maintained and if something is broken, we know he can fix it! 


Lizzett is from the north of Mexico and has lived many years in Canada. She is 'la patrona' of the hostel and will spoil you with her traditional cooking. Once you have tasted her food, you don't want to leave. She is also the one that will worry if you come home too late. If you can't find her at the hostel she is probably cooking in another house or lying on the beach working on her tan.